Voices Journal Volume 2020: 3-4

Edited by Todd DeGarmo

Articles In This Volume

Downstate: The Call - Youth Leading Social Justice

Urban Explorers is a youth development program by City Lore in New York City that uses the skills of documentation and fieldwork.

Echoes of a New England Past: The Hopkinton Town Green

The village green is a public common that is found in many northern New York towns and is reflective of the influence of settlement by former New Englanders. The influence of New England migration is also evidenced in place names, foodways, dialect choices, and vernacular architecture. Hopkinton, New York is an example of such cultural migration.

From the Waterfront: In Search of Healing

Long Island and its beaches is seen as a haven during the flu epidemic of 1917 and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Good Read: Book Review: Jubilee: Recipes from Two Centuries of African American Cooking

A book review of "Jubilee: Recipes from Two Centuries of African American Cooking" by Toni Tipton-Martin.

Hadigeodönyöh (They Tell Stories): Uniting the Hodínöhŝö:ni:h Community by Performing and Reimagining the Creation Story

The Haudenosaunee Creation Story retains value and relevance as the versions transmit "elaborate lessons unknwon" outside of their contexts and communities. Each version makes a valuable contribution to understanding the lifeways of Haudenosaunee communities.

Kaw Naw: Karen Fish Noodle Soup

The author discusses the preparation and eating of fish noodle soup (Kaw Naw), a well known Karen dish.

Masked Angels

The stories of nurses during the COVID-19 epidemic are discussed.

Polish Papercutting: Can a 19th-Century Folk Art Be Re-envisioned for the 21st Century?

Polish Papercutting, or Wycinanki, is a traditional folk art. Each wycinanka is hand-crafted, expressing the folk artist's creativity as well as traditional and regional characteristics. Participation in the art form helps nourish a sense of identity. The author discusses the importance of teaching folk and traditional art within k-12 educational settings.

Protests and Pandemic: The Masks of Black Lives Matter

The wearing of facial coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic that comment upon the "Black Lives Movement" mark their wearers as part of a collective, united movement.

Sankta Lucia, med ljus i hår

The celebration of Lucia as it is celebrated by the Swedish American community of Rochester, NY.

Tears of Trauma: A descendant of Armenian Genocide survivors reflects on conflict in Artsakh

The author reflects on the immigration stories of Armenians and the effects of the Armenian genocide from the context of her own family's history.

Upstate: The Barber as Listener

The author relates his experience of informal barbering and the role of the barber as a listener.

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