Voices Journal Volume 2021: 1-2

Edited by Todd DeGarmo

Articles In This Volume

Bilingual Folk Storyelling: Pura Belpré and Perez and Martina

Pura Belpre', noted storyteller, librarian, and writer, is placed in the context of bilingual education and public folklore in New York State.

Cat Bennett and Milkweed Tussock Tubers: A Vision in Purple Potatoes (Among Other Kind)

Milkweed Tussock Tubers is a regenerative agricultural project that is helping to maintain a range of traditions, from seed to field to fork. Farming which has the goal of sustainability helps to return a community to a critical level of local knowledge and skill that connects humans to the environmentl.

Fr. Saba Shofany and the Faithway of Iconography

The training and technicques of Byzantine iconographer, Fr. Abouna Saba Shofany are described.

From the Waterfront: Waterfront Taxis

Beginning in the 1960's, water taxis were at work, ferrying people to locations within the harbors and ports of Long Island. Captains and crew share their occupational experiences in this column.

Joanie Madden: 2021 National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellow

Irish flute player, Joanie Madden is named a 2021 National Heritage Fellow by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Mohawk Hudson Folklfe Festival

The 2021 Mohawk Hudson Folklife Festival is described, from planning to implementation.

Obituary: Ben Raino

An obituary of Benjamin Raino, master wood carver and raconteur

Obituary: Enikö Farkas

An obituary of Hungarian embroiderer and textile historian, Eniko Farkas.

Poetry of Everyday Life: Folklore's Four Sisters: Scholarship, Fieldwork, Activism, and Artistry

Zeitlin presents the four "sisters" of public folklore: scholarship, fieldwork, activism, and artistry.

The Buoy Tender

A segment of a novel, set on the Champlain Canal.

The Paul Bunyan of the Erie Canal

A story about Red McCarthy, a legendary boat captain on the Erie Canal.

Upstate: Musick Has Charms

Commentary on the power of music and the impact of radio in Adirondack homes through the lyrics for "Pack up Your Troubles."

Writing the Songs of our Ancestors: A Folk Songwriting Process

James "The Rooster" Corcoran was a 19th century gang leader in New York City whose life and exploits became the gist for a song cycle. Author Vincent Cross describes the song-writing process.

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