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We encourage and amplify the diverse folk cultural expressions of New York and of all its residents through education, support, and outreach.
Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event

Each year, the City of Albany, holds a 3-day festival of food and wine by area chefs and food purveyors. This year, for the 2024 Albany Chefs Food & Wine Festival, New York Folklore will be one of the “Spotlight” beneficiaries.

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Our Work

New York Folklore supports folk and traditional artists and organizations, showcases traditional arts and culture of New York State, produces publications and programs, and builds community-based skills and expertise for greater appreciation of New York’s diverse communities and heritages.


Published continuously since 1945, Voices is the flagship publication of New York Folklore and one of the foremost publications in folklore studies.

Cultural Services

Working in conjunction with NYSCA and other agencies, we provide support services and advocacy for folk artists across New York

Gallery & Shop

New York Folklore Gallery is a consignment gallery featuring works from dozens of artists, nestled in the heart of downtown Schenectady.

Events & Outreach

New York Folklore sponsors events at our gallery and around the region to celebrate New York’s rich folklore traditions.

a composite photo of hands holding chestnuts, a bowl full of chestnuts, and ripe chestnuts on the plant
Two papercuts side by side. The art on left is white on a blue background and is an image of Jerusalem. The art on the right, blue on a white background designed to look like birds sitting in a tree.

Featured Artists

As part of our commitment to advocacy and promotion, we’re proud to feature the work of folk artists from the region.

North Indian Classical Music
Devesh Chandra
Braided rugs
Helen Condon
Ghanaian Drumming
Zorkie Nelson

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