Voices Journal Volume 2018: 1-4

Edited by Todd DeGarmo

Articles In This Volume

A Telling Image: Bridging Folk and Fine Art Visitor Repertoires in Exhibit Design through Contemporary Murals in Folk Arts Contexts

A museum curator and folklorist, Edward Y Millar explores exhibit design and interpretation in this essay.

Downstate: This Must be the Place

About "Sunny's Bar" in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Evviva San Giuseppe! St. Joseph's Table Celebrations in Rural Western New York

A portrait of the Catholic Feast of Saint Joseph in western New York State, including what are the elements of a St. Joseph's Table, and its connections to place, memory, and family.

Explore Buffalo!

A photo essay set in Buffalo, New York

From the Waterfront: Decoy Carving and Duck Hunting

Portraits of Long Island decoy carvers and hunters.

Haudenosaunee Days of Sharing at Explore & More Children's Museum in Buffalo, NY

Interviews with and profiles of Haudenosaunee artists involved in public sector folklore programs at the Explore & More Children's Museum, Buffalo.

Hog-Rassle: Impromptu Behavior at Old-Time Square Dances

Dance historian and ethnomusicologist, James Kimball, examines the term, "Hog Rassle," as it refers to an unruly and energetic square dance.

Music and Food in Multicultural Syracuse

Ethnomusicologist, Sydney Hutchinson, reports on a fieldwork based course at Syracuse University that engaged students with the city's diverse tradition bearers.

Poetry of Everyday Life: Spring Burial: The Legend of the Service Tree

In his column, Steve Zeitlin explores the relationship between friends, a death, and a service tree in the New York Botanical Garden.

Spiedies, Grape Pies, and Garbage Plates (Oh MY!): A Serious Look at Upstate New York's Silly-Sounding Foods

Spiedies, Grape Pies, and Garbage Plates are three unique foodways traditions chronocled by the author.

Telescope Houses in Buffalo

A photo essay about Buffalo's Telescope Houses that were built as worker cottages by German and Polish immigrants, or the companies that employed them.

Upstate: Let's Go to the Beach!

Donnelly Beach in Minerva, NY, with a look at its origins.

Upstate New York's Irish Music Archive

An essay by Ted McGraw about his ongoing radio show, and the resulting collection of Irish music - one of the largest private collections of Irish music in the world.

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