Voices Journal Volume 2017: 3-4

Edited by Todd DeGarmo

Articles In This Volume

"The Golden Arm": Collecting and Performing the Folktale

Tim Jennings, a storyteller of folktales, provides insights into a tale and how he presents it.

ALN8BAL8MO: A Native Voice: Jesse Cornplanter: Telling Stories With Pictures and Words

A biographical essay of Seneca artist, Jesse Cornplanter.

Analysis and Intuition: Reflections on the Mystic Union of Measure and Abandon in the Art of Figure Drawing

An essay regarding the educational training of artists to engage students in both analytical and intuitive mental faculties.

Artist Spotlight: Alex Torres & His Latin Orchestra

A description of the noted 12 piece orchestra in New York's Capital Region, Alex Torres and His Latin Orchestra.

At Work in the Garden of Eat and Be Eaten

A poem by Fisher Poet, Chuck Tekula

From the Waterfront: "In Harm's Way"

Fieldwork with Long Island architects and planners provides insight into problems facing waterfront homeowners due to climate change.

Fruit in the Forest Foraging Apples and Pressing Cider in the Finger Lakes

A research based article about the craft cider business in New York and the regional practice of cider pressing gatherings.

Good Spirits: Shadow People

An essay regarding apparitions known as "Shadow People."

In Memoriam: Gregory Sharrow (1950 - 2018): Folklorist, Vermont Folklife Center

A few quotes by Folklorist Gregory Sharrow (1950-2018), in remembering his death.

In Memoriam: Jack H. Leadley, Sr. (1927 - 2018)

Photo essay dedicated to Adirondack craftsperson Jack Leadley

Maritime Folklfe of New York City's Forgotten Borough

Fieldwork-based study, Staten Island's "Working Waterfront" Project and a discription of the resulting programs as a model for public sector folklore scholarship.

Pagentry Puppets, Community Memory, and Living Traditions: Extending the Reach of Cultural and Educational Institutions into Immigrant Communities

The author, a folkorist, examines folk culture in museum settings and the work of three museums (The Queens Museum, The Brooklyn Historical Society, and Teatro SEA) engaging museum audiences and making community connections.

Poetry of Everyday Life: The Bell Tolls for Ringling

A look at the circus on the occasion of Ringling Bros. &Bailey Circus's last show on May 21, 2017.

The Market on Saturday Night

Essay about the 19th century Edward Harrigan song, "The Market on Saturday Night."

Two Poems: Jack "Legs" Diamond and Portal

Two poems localized to Catskill locations

Upstate: Hunting for a Song

Folk songs relating to wildlife encounters.

Voices of New York: George Ward - O! That Low Bridge!

A portrait of musician George Ward and his body of work that highlights the Erie Canal in song.

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