Voices Journal Volume 2011: 3-4

Edited by Eileen Condon

Articles In This Volume

A Report from an Embroiderers' Gathering

This is a report from a Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation grant funded project that was a collaboration between textile artists and folklorists in New York and Pennsylvania.

Dialogues with Time

A biographical sketch by a Ukrainian born painter, composer, and lutenist discussing cultural memory.

Down to the Depths: Good Spirits Column

Libby Tucker's "Good Spirits" column addresses ghostlore of Binghamton University's basements.

Essere Vecchi & Brutto

Remembrances of an Italian American childhood

Ethnicity, Nostalgia, Affirmation: The Rhetoric of Italian American Identity

The author explores how Italian American identity is expessed through religious belief, language, and memory.

Fishing partners: Remembering Cory Weyant

A remembrance about Cory Weyant, Long Island Bayman/fisherman who was a frequent speaker to school groups. A "View From the Waterfront" column of Nancy Solomon

Follow Spot: Growing the Ranks

An essay about the founding of Women of Color in the Arts, by Kaisha Johnson.

From the Killing Fields; Art and Healing in Asian America

A self-reflective essay on the use of folk art and performance to heal after conflict.

Jewish Activities on Christmas: An Online Case Study

A study of the activities of Jewish Americans and the patronage of Chinese food establishments at Christmastime.

Lost Treasures

Ruminations on a baseball pin, by columnist John Thorn who writes about baseball.

New York and the Sea

A look at a few songs relating to 19th century New York City in this column about songs.

Poetry on the Porch: Downstate Column

An essay on a family's tradition of poetry.

Remembering Jean (1964-2011): Reflections by "Las Mujeres" (The Folklore Girls)

A series of remembrances about Folklorist, Jean Crandall (1964-2011)


A short essay about Charles Ulmer of UK-Halsey-Sailmakers on City Island, NY.

The New York Folklore Society Features "Legends and tales" at its 2011 Annual Conference

A report on the New York Folklore Society's 2011 Annual Conference held at Binghamton University.

Why I Love the PO!: Upstate Column

An essay on the rural post office, the "Upstate" Column

Yuri Yunakov: 2011 National Heritage Fellow

A biographical essay on 2011 NEA National Heritage Award Winner musician, Yuri Yunakov

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