Voices Journal Volume 1993: 1-2

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"I Would Rather be Fixated on the Lord": Women's Religion, Men's Power, and the 'Dignity' Problem

Primiano studies the Phildelphia chapter of the Catholic group "Dignity" as an expression of vernacular religion among gay and lesbian Catholics.

"Looking for Some Sort of Love": The sexual Life History of a Gay Man

An interview based essay on one person's sexual life hisotry.

Body Rhetoric: A Study in Lesbian Coding

Laude documents the non-verbal codes for lesbian communities in the Mid-Western United States.

Coming Out, Coming Home: Reclaiming a Place to Belong

The author provides an introduction to this special issue on gay and lesbian folklore

Exploring Frontiers: An American Tradition

A memoir about the Homosexual Rights Movement of 1950s Los Angeles.

Gay Men's English: Cooperative Discourse in a Language of Risk

A study of the dynamics of language and gender among gay men.

Hothead Paisan: Clearing a Space for a Lesbian Feminist Folklore

The author discusses a currently produced, independent comic "zine" which uses the myths and symbolism of lesbian identity.

Lesbian Code: Dyke Spotting in Heteropatriarchyland

Alix Dobkin is a singer songwriter. Her piece is about the identity markers used by the lesbian community. The essay includes one of her songs.

Lesbian Folklore: A New Day Coming

A photographic essay about the lesbian community

Rewriting Tradition: The Queer Politics of a Lesbian Folklorist

An essay about the intersection of folklore and song-writing.

Something to Remember Me By: Maupin's Tales of the City Novels as Artifacts in Contemporary Gay Folk Culture

The author analyzes the role of folklore by Armistad Maupin, in his series of novels based on gay life in San Francisco, CA.

The Dangers of Authenticity

An editorial essay preceding a special issue volume on gay and lesbian folklore .

Two Spirited People: Understanding Who We Are as Creation

An interview with Curtis Harris and Leota Lone Dog by Deborah Blincoe regarding the "Two Spirit Community"

Untitled: Opus 7 (This is Folklore) or Purity and Danger: An Interpretation

The author is concerned with how the qualities of a particular space carry meaning and how this meaning relates to a folk cultural group.

Who's No Lady? Excerpts from an Oral History of New York City's 82 Club

This field-based article is comprised by interviews with drag queens who were active in New York City drag nightclubs.

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