Voices Journal Volume 1990: 1-2

Edited by Jane Doe

Articles In This Volume

"Once in Abaganaland": A Folk Story

The author examines a specific Nigerian tale as a culturally produced text

"Poor Child": A Sculptale

A sculptor, Harry Eisner describes his connection to his art through storytelling.

Inside Millie's Kitchen: Voices of the Adirondacks

Personal narratives enable us to define a specific group's values within the context of daily life. Using one Adirondack narrator as the subject of the paper, McMahon demonstrates how whe creates and defines her narrative space within the boundaries of her community,

Obituary: Royston Wood (1935-1990)

This is the obituary for Royston Wood, a member of the Young Tradition, A British folk rock group

Pacts with the Devil: Stories told by an Indian Woman from Mexico

The author talks about three tales collected during fieldwork in Hueyapan Mexico and analyses three tales using the the Thompson Tale Index.

Winemaking and Personal Cosmology: A Piedmontese-American Example

Personal Narratives of wine making and wine drinking provides a source for self-definition that reinforced ethnicity and personal identity

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