Artist Spotlight: Noah Khoury

by Feb 19, 2023Artist Spotlight, Craft, Featured in Gallery0 comments

Noah Khoury is  a second generation blacksmith, as his father was a blacksmith and a welder.  In his teenage years, he worked alongside his father,  teaching middle-school aged youth at a summer workshop program in Altamont, NY called the Helderberg Workshops.  After graduation from High School, he decided to pursue blacksmithing as a career.  Noah has a BFA in Metals having graduated cum laude from Tennessee Tech Universities Appalachian Center For Craft in 2013.  Upon graduation, he  established his own practice in Altamont NY as The Helderberg Blacksmith.  He has been in business as an artist blacksmith since 2013. During his career, he has produced quality ironwork ranging from functional to artistic and in a variety of aesthetics, contemporary applications, and historic settings. He has also had the privilege to teach blacksmithing to hundreds of students over the years and to display his own hand wrought art work in gallery exhibitions while also maintaining a commercial business.

In 2023, Noah Khoury received an Individual Artist Award, in the Folk Art Category, from the New York State Council on the Arts.