compares with being in the midst of a group,
singing with good courage. From my soprano
days in a boys’ choir to leading audiences
on choruses, it’s the most fun that I’ve ever
had and continues to be so.


The author’s search for a humorous song, collected by Frank and Anne Warner from Lena Bourne Fish who was born in the Adirondack region.

Echoes of a New England Past: The Hopkinton Town Green

The village green is a public common that is found in many northern New York towns and is reflective of the influence of settlement by former New Englanders. The influence of New England migration is also evidenced in place names, foodways, dialect choices, and vernacular architecture. Hopkinton, New York is an example of such cultural migration.

Inside Millie’s Kitchen

Personal narratives enable us to define a specific group’s values within the context of daily life. Using one Adirondack narrator as the subject of the paper, McMahon demonstrates how whe creates and defines her narrative space within the boundaries of her community,