New York Folklore helps secure over $400,000 for folk arts

by Nov 28, 2023Blog, Grants, New York Folklore

Artists and organizations in New York State will receive a combined total of over $400,000 in grants thanks to direct assistance from New York Folklore. These funds that directly support artists and specific cultural traditions, come from twenty successful applications submitted to the New York State Council on the Arts. The support is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.  Artists and organizations were funded in three categories this year: Apprenticeship Grants, Support for Artists, and Support for Organizations.  

“Apprenticeship Grants” through the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) are one of the foundational tools in the field of folklore and folk arts in New York State.  Through this program, “master” artists take on one or more apprentices to pass on their skills and knowledge. Apprentices can be other community members or a member of their own family. “Support for Artists” funds creative commissions to individual artists, this relatively new category has allowed a greater number of artists access to NYSCA funding. 

As a support and service organization, fiscal sponsorship and grant assistance are a large part of the work we do at New York Folklore. We are thrilled to support this cohort of artists and organizations in 2024.  If you are an artist or tradition bearer who is interested in learning about these and other opportunities, please contact our office. 

New York Folklore looks forward to celebrating with this group in 2024

Congratulations to the supported artists and artists and organizations across the state! 

New York Folklore Supported Applications


Master Devesh Chandra, Apprentice Rishabh Kumar. Tabla.

Master Efthimios (Altin) Stoja, Apprentice Jorida Laraku. Greek Iconography.

Master Tashi Sharzur, Apprentices Kunsang Sharzur and Lhamo Sharzur. Tibetan Traditional Music.

Master Veena Chandra,  Apprentices Vibhava Ranade and Anshu Chandra. Sitar.

Master Zorkie Nelson, Apprentices Elizabeth Fo Fo Niiquaye and Patience Lamptey. Ghanaian Music

Master (Deleted for Privacy), Apprentices (Deleted for Privacy) and (Deleted for Privacy). Kochi Dress Making.

Master D’Vonne Faulks, Apprentice Alexis Battle, African American. Hairbraiding.

Master Latifa Ali Muhammad, Apprentice Shakiba Ali Nadirali. Afghan Embroidery.

Master Shaman Raphael, Apprentice Shanzay Malik Harmonium

Master Pinya Aung,  Apprentice Wae Nin Aung. Tenaku Harp.

Support for Artists

Francisco Valera: Costume Creation for Comparsa Los Moñuses USA

Maxwell Kofi Donkor: Celebration of the Thrones

Mateo Cano: Versada Composition

Tashi Sharzur: Audio Recording of Namthar-Arias from 6 major Tibetan Opera (Lhamo)

Raeshelle Frasier: The Annual Art Money Exhibition

Jabin Ahmed, Alpona Style Mural

Zhong-Hua Lu: Yellow Mountain Journey

Jianling Yue: Layout Fabrication for Book on Chinese Paper Cut Art and Culture

Organizations who received technical assistance from New York Folklore

Columbia County Sanctuary Movement, Hudson NY

West Hill Refugee Welcome Center, Albany NY