Beeswax candle – tapers

These pure beeswax tapers are made by Rulison's Honey Farms of Montgomery County, NY.  Rulison Honey Farms is a family-owned business that is at least 3 generations old. Tapers come in 10" and 12" sizes.

Turned wood items

Small turned bowls and tops by Ben Bernardi.  These tops and bowls come in various sizes and are made from various hardwoods.  Pictured is a larger bowl, two tops and two small 3.5 inch bowls.  Please call for details.

Bead and wire animals

Made by artist Bernard Domingo, these whimsical creatures are made with wire and beads.   The beading is a tradition in Bernard's homeland of Zimbabwe, and elsewhere in Africa.  Bernard now resides in Yonkers, NY.  Call for information on representative animals and...

“Working with Folk Materials in New York State”

What do you do with documentary materials?  A reference guide for working with archival collections, from the perspective of the collector or folklorist.  This volume provides easily understood techniques and methods for cataloging folklore materials. Published by New...

“Folklore in Archives”

A reference book written specifically for the collections manager or archivist who is encountering folklore documentary materials. Published by New York Folklore through a grant from the NYS Archives.

“Hungarian Cuisine and Personal Memories”

Written and illustrated by the late Enikö Tarnoi Farkas of Ithaca, this cookbook of Hungarian recipes and personal memoir reflects her life history and experiences. Ms. Farkas was born in Hungary and emigrated to the USA after the 1956 Hungarian Uprising. Sales...

“The Immigrant Cookbook”

A compilation of recipes from some of New York City's finest ethnic restaurants, featuring multiple chefs. Published by Interlink Publishing, 2018.  Proceeds support the ACLU Immigrants' Rights Project.

Pepper mill

Hand cranked pepper mill, hand turned by George Olsen of Schoharie County. Various woods.  Call for information as prices vary depending upon wood used.  The listed price is an average price.

Pine needle trivet and baskets

Made by Vestal, NY artist Carol Lukovich, these woven baskets, coasters, holiday ornaments, and trivets are made from pine needles, a southern tradition now transplanted to the North.  Please call for details and pricing.

Pysanky eggs

Various sizes of pysanky eggs made by Ionel Paltanea of Queens, NY.  Please call for information.  The price listed is for a chicken egg with goose eggs, double goose eggs, emu, and ostrich eggs also available.  The pysanky eggs require special shipping and handling. ...