Voices Journal Volume 2019: 1-2

Edited by Todd DeGarmo

Articles In This Volume

ALN8BAL8MO: A Native Voice: Joseph Elie Joubert: Language Keeper

Joseph Alfred Elie Joubert is an important teacher of the Abenaki language who has contributed to the preservation of the language.

Downstate: Corporate Candy: Ungentrified Sweets in a Gentrified City

"Community Anchors" are described as cultural landmarks that have an effect on the city's economy. The authors discuss Economy Candy, a longstanding business on the Lower East Side of New York, and its role as a community anchor.

From the Waterfront: Documenting Disaster: A Student Teacher Learning Experience

Students in Freeport, New York examine their waterfront community in 2015-16 after Superstorm Sandy had affected local maritime traditions.

How I Became A Doo-Wop Fan 10 Years Too Late

The author reflects on Doo Wop as a folk musical form, as he experienced it first hand as a child from the streets in his neighborhood of New York.

Oral History and Urban Renewal: Creating Richer Histories

The author offers an overview of urban renewal in the context of White Plains. He illuminates an eclectic past which requires the recognition of voices that were previously absent from the historical record in order to create a richer, more instructive set of materials for people to consult.

Poetry of Everyday Life: The Fulton Fish Market and the Soul of Naima Runan

The Fulton Fish Market in New York, as seen through the eyes of painter, Naima Rauam.

The Traveling Fandango: Son Jarocho in New York

The study of son jarocho in New York is an exploration of a musical culture based on the dynamics of mobility and transnationalism.

Two Minutes: The Making of the Battenkill Inspired Video Series

The author chronicles her experiences shooting and producing a series of mini-documentaries about life and work along the Battenkill Creek in Washington County, NY.

Upstate: The Life Lesson of Pete Seeger

A tribute to renown folk singer, Pete Seeger, and the author's interactions with him over several years.

Virtuous Versifying: A Composition About Rhymes

The second of a three-part series about family connections with folk art - in this case, poetry and the poetry of his grandmother.

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