Artist Spotlight: Devesh Chandra

by Mar 3, 2023Artist Spotlight0 comments

DEVESH CHANDRA has been learning the Tabla since the age of 3. He learned Indian Classical Music by accompanying his mother, renowned Sitar exponent Veena Chandra and he continues to perform with her.  Their mother and son duo has received national and international acclaim.  Devesh, the youngest of six children, grew up immersed in an environment of music.  He is a sought after performer and educator in his own right. In addition to traditional performances he has collaborated and worked with musicians across a broad range of musical genres from Western Folk and Western Classical to Flamenco and Jazz as well as Latin Music, Japanese Taiko and different African music traditions.

Devesh teaches tabla as an Artist Associate at Williams College. He is an ambassador for tabla and Indian classical music for his generation and makes the music relatable and accessible to a wide audience. Devesh and Veena Chandra together run The Dance & Music School of India which Veena Chandra founded over 30 years ago. Devesh has been teaching and is in charge of running many of the schools initiatives since 2005.
Devesh’s innovative and imaginative approach makes his performances enthralling to both Western listeners and Indian classical purists. His approach to the tabla is the confluence of all the unique influences of his upbringing. Devesh believes the tabla has the rare ability, as a percussion instrument, to very accurately convey a wide range of emotions.

In 2023, Devesh received an Individual Artists’ Grant from the New York State Council on the Arts to compose a soundtrack to his film, City of Refuge.