Voices in New York

The Fraser Family — Home of Our Hearts

Interview by Dr. Constance Sullivan-Blum


Sullivan-Blum, Constance, interviewer. “Voices in New York: The Fraser Family – Home of our Hearts.” New York Folklore, vol. 39:3-4, 2013. p. 43.


Certain places grasp hold of hearts and imaginations of the people who live there. The cadence of language, the rhythms of daily life, the particular way the universal dramas of life, love, and death are played out in a place can lodge themselves under the skin, into the souls of a people. This intense experience of place is shared through the music of the Fraser family on their CD, Home of Our Hearts. For the Fraser family, two locations are “home”: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and the foothills of the Adirondacks in upstate New York.

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