Remembering My Grandfather’s Left-Wing Bungalow Colony in Dutchess County

Raanan Geberer


Geberer, Raanan. “Remembering My Grandfather’s
Left-Wing Bungalow Colony
in Dutchess County.” New York Folklore, vol. 40-3-4, 2014, pp. 42-43.


There’s a common perception that all of the old-time Jewish bungalow colonies in New York State were in the Catskills. Maybe the majority were, but not all. Off NY State Route 9D, in Dutchess County, at the foot of a mountain, lies a large parcel of land with several modern houses on it. If you went back 50 years, during the era of my childhood, however, you would have found one medium-sized house and a group of wooden bungalows, painted white with red roofs; a swimming pool; two see-saws and a jungle gym for kids; and a social hall (called the “casino”).night, and waiting cars and trucks quickly collected the barrels and boxes of imported liquor. The bungalow colony was where my Belarusian-born maternal grandfather, Harry Rothstein, and his friends held forth every summer.

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