How I Spent My Summer (1967)

Erica Wolfe Burke


Wolfe Burke, Erica. “How I Spent My Summer (1967).” New York Folklore, vol. 40-3-4, 2014, pp. 28-30.


So now I had a job as a showroom model. I had to wear a black dress, heels, makeup, and my hair put up. Quite a change from jeans and sweatshirts. I took the subway from 116th Street to 34th Street and walked to the Brooklyn & New York Fur Manufacturers on 29th Street. When a buyer came—say from a department store in St. Louis or Des Moines—I would slip into a fur coat and walk across the show room, turn, pause, hold the coat open, then closed, and then leave the room. Unless the buyer had a question or wanted to look some more, I would not speak except to say the model number.

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