Craft Revisited

Moving toward a Consumer Revolution

Jeromy McFarren


McFarren, Jeromy. “Craft Revisited: Moving toward a Consumer Revolution.” New York Folklore, vol. 41-1-2, 2015, pp. 28-37.


Today’s Western economic structure, based on technology and services, is radically different from the one that existed before industrialization and has resulted in many of the economic crises that face us in the early 21st century. The control of goods has been concentrated in the hands of a few large corporations, rather than distributed throughout the community of small, independent businesses. The production of goods by corporate manufacturing, through modern machinery and technology, has displaced the labor force, separated the mind from the production process, depersonalized and devalued the act of manual skill, and enslaved us to a system of forced consumption. The consequences of these manufacturing practices have had profound effects on us and on our communities.