Bringing Old-Time Fiddling into the Twenty-First Century

Jackie Hobbs


Hobbs, Jackie. “Bringing Old-Time Fiddling into the Twenty-First Century.” New York Folklore, vol. 37: 1-2, 2011. pp. 32-33.


The North American Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame and Museum is located in the township of Osceola, New York, in the Tug Hill region of northern New York. The hall of fame and museum was born along with its sister, the New York State Old Tyme Fiddlers’ Association, in 1976.... My grandmother, Alice Clemens—three times New York State ladies’ fiddling champion—was a cofounder of the museum and association. She thought it was important to document not only the lives of the hall of fame inductees, but also the lives and music of other fiddlers. She also worried that some of the older fiddlers might soon pass away without teaching anyone the tunes they played.

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