Advocating for Sunday Rock

(and all those other “Traditional Cultural Properties”)

Varick A. Chittenden


Chittenden, Varick, A. “Advocating for
Sunday Rock.” New York Folklore, vol. 41:3-4, 2015. pp. 16-23.


Sunday Rock, a large boulder on the roadside of New York State Highway 56, just west of the hamlet of South Colton in St. Lawrence County, is an important landmark for locals and travelers alike.... Many places, however, still deserve national recognition and protection for their long-standing —and continuing— value to their communities, as part of the living heritage of life there. Such recognition may contribute to a sense of place not only for visitors but for local residents as well. To recognize that a place can be more than an example of an architectural style or site of a political or economic event really matters.

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