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Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore features articles, stories, interviews, reminiscences, essays, folk poetry and music, photographs, and artwork drawn from people in all parts of New York State. The magazine also publishes peer-reviewed, research-based articles, written in an accessible style, on topics related to traditional art and life, including ethnic culture. Informative columns on subjects such as legal issues, photography, sound and video recording, archiving, ethics, and the nature of traditional art and life appear on a regular basis.

Click on the Publications Index above for a complete PDF index of New York Folklore publications from 1945 through 2018, including Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore (2000-present), New York Folklore (1975-1999), and New York Folklore Quarterly (1945-1974). To request an article for purchase, contact us at [email protected] On all website forms, a red asterisk indicates required fields. Please be aware that some issues are sold out, but most articles are still available.