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Folk Arts & Culture

Welcome to a growing reservoir of information and pathways that can lead you to more information, people, and organizations in the field of folklore and allied fields.



Folklore & Allied Professions

Find out more about and connect to:

Folklore Organizations in New York State—Other folklore organizations in New York.

Folklore Programs—Organizations in New York State with folklore programming.

Folklorists and Allied Professionals in New York State—Folklore consultants, media consultants, archivists, and photographers in New York.

Folk Arts Around the Nation—Folklore activities and organizations in other parts of the nation and the world.

Archives—Organizations of professional archivists and sites concerned with historical records and archival collections, in New York and throughout the nation.

Arts—Organizations that advocate for, support, and showcase the arts.

Education—Organizations involved with folklore and traditional culture in education.

Ethnography and Anthropology—Organizations that are involved in the preservation and study of various ethnic cultures and anthropology.

Ethnomusicology and Music—Organizations that document, support, and study traditional and ethnic music.

Heritage Tourism—Organizations and centers involved in interpreting, preserving, and promoting heritage and cultural tourism.

Historic Preservation—Organizations involved in protecting and preserving historic buildings, neighborhoods, and landscapes.

History—Affiliated libraries, museums, historical societies, professional organizations and others associated with oral history, local and regional, and cultural history.


Your primary resources for the stuff of folklore are in your family, your community, the people you work and play with, the buildings and landscapes you inhabit—and of course in the traditional life ways and cultural expressions of other groups you encounter.

Here, we offer gateways to secondary sources—links to organizations and people involved in folklore and other fields with overlapping interests and common aspirations.

Explore and enjoy!

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