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 Pinto Guira making guiramaking a mandalaplaying mandolin
Spring–Summer & Fall–Winter 2018


Spring–Summer & Fall–Winter 2018





From the Director
by Ellen McHale

From the Editor
by Todd DeGarmo


Haudenosaunee Days of Sharing at Explore & More Children’s Museum in Buffalo, New York
by Christine F. Zinni

Evviva San Giuseppe! St. Joseph’s Table Celebrations in Rural Western New York
by Karen P. Canning and Christine F. Zinni

Music and Food in Multicultural Syracuse: Project Report
by Sydney Hutchinson

Hog-Rassle: Impromptu Behavior at Old-Time Square Dances
by James Kimball

A Telling Image: Bridging Folk and Fine Art Visitor Repertoires in Exhibit Design through Contemporary Murals in Folk Arts Contexts
by Edward Y. Millar

Telescope Houses in Buffalo
by David Schalliol

Spiedies, Grape Pies, and Garbage Plates (Oh My!): A Serious Look at Upstate New York’s Silly-Sounding Foods
by Hannah Davis

Upstate New York’s Irish Music Archive
by Ted McGraw

Explore Buffalo
by Todd DeGarmo and Tom van Buren


Upstate—Let’s Go to the Beach!
by Dan Berggren

Downstate—“This Must Be The Place”
by Molly Garfinkel

From the Waterfront—Decoy Carving and Duck Hunting
by Nancy Solomon

The Poetry of Everyday Life—Spring Burial: The Legend of the Service Tree
by Steve Zeitlin

Good Read—The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City: Spectacle and Assassination at the 1901 World’s Fair by Margaret Creighton
by Chris Linendoll


Cover: Randy Greene (Tuscarora), center, and Niagara River Dancers. Courtesy of Greene family archives. Read more in Christine Zinni’s “Haudenosaunee Days of Sharing at Explore & More Children’s Museum in Buffalo, New York.”