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Voices, Fall-Winter 2008:
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Voices FW2008


Volume 34

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Comfort in Cloth: The Syracuse University Remembrance Quilt
by Dee Britton

8 Hallowed Ground
Photographs by Martha Cooper

10 Ritual and Storytelling: A Passover Tale
by Barbara Myerhoff; Introduction by Steve Zeitlin

16 A Trip to Poppies
by Ashley Torregrossa

18 Filer-Machol: Couturier to “Our Crowd”
by Mari S. Gold

28 Diatonisk and the Dulcimer
by Nils R. Caspersson

38 One the Needle, Another the Thread: Ahiska in Syracuse
by Felicia Faye McMahon

Departments and Columns
2 NYFS News

7 In Praise of Women: Elena Martínez
by Eileen Condon

15 Play: That Dastardly Dime Novel
by John Thorn

24 Upstate: New Immigrants in Black Buggies
by Varick A. Chittenden

25 Downstate: City of Memory
by Steve Zeitlin

26 Field Notes: Meet our Neighbors: The Nepali People of Bhutan
by Felicia Faye McMahon

27 Good Spirits: Houses of Horror
by Libby Tucker

35 Obituary: Henrietta Yurchenco, 1916-2007
by Eileen Condon

36 Still Going Strong: Schooner Captain
by Paul Margolis

37 Foodways: No Egg, No Cream
by Lynn Case Ekfelt

41 Reading Culture: The Oral Tradition Goes Digital
by Tom Van Buren

42 Books to Note

Cover: Voices FW08: Camila Kakhromanova, Sanabar Kakhromanova, and Sabina Mamedova
Korean War
Cover: Camila Kakhromanova, Sanabar Kakhromanova, and Sabina Mamedova. Photo: Felicia Faye McMahon

From the Fall-Winter 2008 issue of Voices:

This issue’s lead article, Dee Britton’s “Comfort in Cloth: The Syracuse University Remembrance Quilt,” documents the creation of a unique folk-art memorial for the thirty-five students at Syracuse University who died with 235 others as the result of a terrorist attack December 21, 1988. This and other articles on material culture, ritual storytelling, and traditional music demonstrate the important contributions made by today’s folklorists working in the academic and public spheres. In the next issue, Voices will welcome food columnist Makalé Faber Cullen, director of programs at Slow Food USA in Brooklyn, New York. Makalé will fill the shoes of our longtime food columnist Lynn Ekfelt, who wrote “Foodways” for eight years and whose final contribution appears in this issue.

After five years I end my tenure as editor of Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore. As I reflect on what has been accomplished since 2003, I am proud of our many achievements. Our submissions represent a wide and egalitarian range of articles written by scholars, student folklorists, community members, folk artists, and internationally recognized names such as Roger Abrahams, Susan Davis, Sandra Dolby, Elaine Lawless, and Brian Sutton- Smith. Voices—which now boasts eight regular columns, artist profiles, and an ongoing creative nonfiction section—is published biannually, and readers can expect to receive their copies reliably in October and May of each year.

I’ve been fortunate to work with dedicated editorial board members willing to donate their time to review our submissions. The high quality of our publication would not be possible without the expertise of our managing editor, Sheri Englund, and our designer, Mary Beth Malmsheimer, as well as the sage advice of the New York Folklore Society’s executive director, Ellen McHale, and the support of her staff. The new acquistions editor, Eileen Condon, will join the staff for the next issue. As always, I remind you, the reader, that the future of Voices depends on your continued contributions.

Felicia Faye McMahon, Ph.D..
Acquisitions Editor
New York Folklore Society

I am delighted to begin serving as acquisitions editor for Voices, a publication that does function as our voice: the collectively and individually rich sightings and soundings of traditional artists, community groups, and culture workers across New York State. I appreciate outgoing acquisitions editor Faye McMahon’s helpful guidance as I come on board for the next issue. I look forward to working with and learning from Voices’ staff, editorial board members, contributors, and readers and will relish the communications that are part of the job. Critical feedback, ideas, questions, suggestions, scholarly and creative written submissions, photography, artwork—all are most welcome.

Eileen Condon


Syracuse University Remembrance Quilt center panel


Alice Hahn Machol


Fall–Winter 2008, Volume 34:3–4

Acquisitions Editor Felicia Faye McMahon
Managing Editor Sheryl A. Englund
Design Mary Beth Malmsheimer
Printer Eastwood Litho

Editorial Board: Varick Chittenden, Lydia Fish, Nancy Groce, Lee Haring, Libby Tucker, Kay Turner, Dan Ward, Steve Zeitlin

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