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New York Folklore Vol. 6. Nos. 1-2, 1980
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NY Folklore Vol. 6, No. 1-2

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Vol. 6, Nos. 1-2, 1980

A New Chapter in the History of Folklore in New York City Gerald E. Warshaver 1

“With My Heart in My Throat and My Whistle in My Hand”: Women’s Crime-Victim Narratives from the Urban Setting
Eleanor Wachs 11

Rev. Sister Navajo, Reader and Adviser: Gypsy Fortune-Telling Handbills
Carol Silverman 29

The New Rican Village: Taking Control of the Image-Making Machinery
Marina Roseman 45

A Window on the City: Towards an Urban Folk Aesthetic
Gerald E. Warshaver 57

The Importance of Storytelling Style Among New York City Taxi Drivers
Philip Nusbaum 67




“To most people the world “Gypsy” conjures a host of exotic images and far-away places. Although the typical layman may claim complete ignorance of real-life Gypsies, one thing he is likely to know is that Gypsies tell fortunes. Throughout their nine-hundred-year migration from India, Gypsy women have indeed earned their livelihood through fortune-telling. In numerous and diverse settings, including the contemporary United States, Gypsies have continued to offer spiritual services to the surrounding non-Gypsy population.” From the “Rev. Sister Navajo: Reader and Adviser—Deciphering Gypsy Fortune-Telling Handbills,” by Carol Silverman

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