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 Pinto Guira making guiramaking a mandalaplaying mandolin

New York Folklore Vol. 25, Nos. 1-4, 1999
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Vol. 25, Nos. 1-4, 1999
Public Folklore Scholarship and Writing in New York State



Introduction: Empire State of Change and Continuity

Robert Baron vii
Thoughts on the Role of Folk Arts in the Ecology of Culture

John W. Suter 1
Welcome to Your Second Home

Ray Allen, Joseph Sciorra and Steve Zeitlin 17
Cherish the Ladies

Mick Moloney 25
Splendid Companionship and Practical Assistance

Joyce Ice 43
Local and Personal: An Introduction To Farm Stands

Janis Benincasa, Ned Pratt and Ellen McHale 53
Between the Branches

Doug DeNatale 59
You Hear the Ice Talking

Shelly Posen 73
Roger Kelly: Reminiscing On Old Time Music

James Kimball 91
Liner notes for “Chesta E La Voci Ca Canuscite” – “This is the Voice You Know”: Southern Italian Mountain Music from Calabria, Campania, Basilicata and Abruzzo. Global Village C675

Anna L. Chairetakis 101
Ritual Renewal: Polish-American Easter Traditions

Kate Koperski 113
Particles of the Past: Sandmining on Long Island 1870’s’1980’s

Elly Shodell 123
Wit, Work, and Wisdom: Traditional Artistry at Sagamore

Karen Taussig-Lux 135



“Folk arts tend to be largely unnoticed—or if noticed, then stereotyped, romanticized, or trivialized—by people in the mainstream of large industrialized societies...Yet, they are living traditions, practiced now and continuously evolving in communities everywhere. Folk artists live in the present, engaged with modern culture—many are equally adept in the more contemporary forms popular in their communities—but they maintain a vital link with the past. They are the bearers of the traditions of their peoples.” From “Thoughts on the Role of Folk Arts in the Ecology of Culture” by John W. Suter

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