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 Pinto Guira making guiramaking a mandalaplaying mandolin

New York Folklore Vol. 13. Nos. 3-4, Summer-Fall, 1987
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Vol. XIII, Nos. 3-4, 1987
Folk Arts in Education


Special Section, "Folk Arts in Education"

Introduction by the Guest Editor: Folk Arts-in-Education Programs in New York State
Kathleen Mundell 1

The Cultural Heritage Project: Presenting Traditional Arts in a Suburban Setting
Kathleen Mundell 5

Folk Arts in Newark Valley: An Upstate New York Arts-in-Education Program
Catherine Schwoeffermann 17

Folk Artists in Staten Island Schools: Developing a Workable Model for Larger Communities
Nancy Groce, with Janis Benincasa 27

The Rondout Valley Folklore Project, 1981-Present

Jane McClure


Romantic Ballads in North America
Edith Fowke 49

Who Was Isaac Orcutt? The History and Origin of an 18th Century New England Ballad
Melvin G. Williams 55

Leylines in Modern Britain: The Sacred Geography of a Pilgrimage Site as an Expression of Folk Protest
Jeffrey Mark Golliher 73

Military Folklore and the Underwood Collection

Les Cleveland


Folklore Notes
Rough Measure in Maritime Dialect Research

Lewis J. Poteet and Jacqueline Baum

McCarl, The District of Columbia Fire Fighters’ Project, and Abrahams, Goldstein, and Hands, eds., By Land and By Sea: Studies in Folklore of Work and Leisure (Cleveland), 113; Patterson, Drawing and Gift Song. A Study of Two Forms of Shaker Inspiration (Wolford), 115; Mathias and Raspa, Italian Folktales in America: The Verbal Art of an Immigrant Woman (Byrne-Severino); 177; Jackson, Fieldwork (Fish), 118.

Correspondence and Commentary, 121; Contributors to this Issue, 124; Editor’s Year-End Report, 125.



“In bringing such programs [folk arts-in-education] to the schools we are showing younger people that skill, talent and creativity are not the exclusive preserve of museums, concert halls or even art classes but can thrive and flourish on an everyday level as well.” From the “The Cultural Heritage Project: Presenting Traditional Arts in a Suburban Setting,” by Kathleen Mundell.

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