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 Pinto Guira making guiramaking a mandalaplaying mandolin

New York Folklore Vol. 10. Nos. 3-4, Summer-Fall, 1984
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NYFolklore Vol. 10, No. 3-4


Vol. 10, Nos. 3–4, Summer-Fall 1984
Folklore in Buffalo


Folklore, the Lifeblood of the City Editor’s Introduction 1

Sounds of a City: Types and Characteristics of the Speech of Buffalo and Its Ethnic Groups
Wolfgang Wölck 7

Father Baker: Legends of a Saint in Buffalo
Lydia Fish 23

'Elephant Joe' Josephs, A Folk Hero from Buffalo’s Past
Marie Hewett 35

Elbert Hubbard, the Arts and Crafts Movement, and the Commercialization of Folk Art
Alf Walle and M. L. Brimo 47

"Treating Men like Dirty Dogs"
James McDonnell 65

'The Apple Boy': Individual and Community in the Era of the Second World War
William Graebner 77

The Myth of Persistence of Families in The Orchard, an East Buffalo Neighborhood
Andrew Yox 89

Echoes from the South: African-American Quiltmakers in Buffalo
Mary Twining 105

The Dyna-Tones: A Buffalo Polka Bank in Performance, in Rehearsal, and on Record
Charles Keil 117

The Message of an Angel: Children’s Guardian Angel Stories in Buffalo’s Polonia
Katherine Koperski 135

Buffalo: The Inside Story

Linda Schneekloth and
Margaret Wooster

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Editor’s Year-End Report



“Buffalo has been a frontier of the young Republic, a way station in the great westward migration, the western end of the Erie Canal, a northern terminus of the Underground Railway, a site of the 1901 Pan American Exposition, a flourishing port in the Great Lakes trade, the second largest city in the Empire State, a pleasant haven for the development of music, art, religion, scholarship, and athletics, and home of chicken wings and beef on kummelweck.” From the “Editor’s Introduction—Folklore: The Lifeblood of the City” by Phillips Stevens, Jr.

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