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Cover of A Step Back in Time with Rosin & Rhyme

A Step Back in Time with Rosin and Rhyme
Bill Smith and Don Woodcock

  1. Welcome (0:37)

  2. Introductions (4:11)

  3. Rubber Dolly (trad.) (1:35)

  4. Over the Garden Wall (trad.) (5:03)

  5. Three-Year Shoes & Cow Pies (B. Smith) (3:39)

  6. Udderly Moving (B. Smith) (4:34)

  7. Mrs. Corcoran/When the Frost is on the Punkin (B. Smith/J. W. Riley) (3:26)

  8. Sitting in a Shady Nook (B. Smith) (6:26)

  9. Ira and the Bees (B. Smith) (6:43)

  10. Grandma’s Apron (B. Smith) (4:58)

  11. Buckwheat Batter/Harvest Home (trad.) (3:22)

  12. Sisters and Spinning Records (B. Smith) (2:24)

  13. Wildwood Flower (A. P. Carter) (3:30)

  14. Shannon Waltz (trad.) (2:59)

  15. Waitress and Tattoos (B. Smith) (2:47)

  16. Piercing Ain’t It (B. Smith) (3:21)

  17. Touch of the Master’s Hand (Myra Welsh) (4:06)

  18. Listen to the Mockingbird (Richard Milburn) (4:05)

  19. Black Mountain Rag (trad.) (3:28)

Bill Smith — guitar, autoharp
Don Woodcock — fiddle


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