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Cover of Bill Smith's Adirondack Memories

Adirondack Memories
Bill Smith

  1. Adirondack Memories (4:31)
    Memories from the old home on the Featherbed and childhood days.

  2. The Featherbed (2:30)
    The northern foothills of the Adirondacks where I was born.

  3. The Little Shirt My Mother Made for Me (traditional) (3:13)
    I heard this song from my mother and Dick Law. It reminded me of the clothes my mother made for us kids.

  4. The Bumble Bug Rag (3:25)
    I wrote this song in memory of some of the odd creatures that roamed the lumber camps.

  5. Scottish Bill MacLean (3:48)
    A poem for all those lumberjacks who lost their lives working in the woods.

  6. Uncle John’s Muscle (5:34)
    Muscles were made by honest sweat and hard work.

  7. The Barefoot Boys with Shoes On (traditional) (2:27)
    One of the fun songs.

  8. Uncle John’s Fork (3:15)
    A traditional story that might have even happened at our house.

  9. Aunt Lillian’s Full Figure (2:00)
    A memory of Aunt Lillian’s hugs and kisses

  10. The Cow Clippers (2:02)
    Ol’ Blue was one of the nosiest dogs I ever knew.

  11. Better Go ’Round (3:32)
    This song is for young folks who sometimes listen to their peers more than their elders.

  12. Only a Housewife (Emily B. Smith) (2:31)
    Written by my mother, who took much pride in being a housewife and mother of ten.

  13. Go Tell Aunt Nabby (traditional) (3:05)
    When I heard people away from home singing this as Aunt Rhodie, I thought they were singing it wrong.

  14. Rosewood Casket (traditional) (3:15)
    My mother sang this to us. I also heard it sung on the radio by the Carter family.

  15. Waterman Hill (Otis Aldus, Everette Aldus, Walter Pearl) (2:31)
    The Aldus family lived on the top of Waterman Hill. Anna Aldus Grant gave me permission to use their song on this album. I also heard this song when I was kid by Dick Law and Grace Green.

  16. Ma’s Old Galvanized Tub (2:17)
    I found this nice old traditional poem and set it to music. This was the way we took our Saturday night baths.

  17. O.K. Smith (traditional) (1:28)
    Told to me by an old fellow at a performance in East Aurora.

  18. Forty Years Ago (5:12)
    This is a poem I heard from Ham Ferry, one of the great Adirondack storytellers. I thought it would make a nice song.

  19. The Round Oak Stove (4:06)
    Memories of the great old stove that was a part of our family.

—Except as noted, songs and stories written by Bill Smith

Bill Smith — vocal and guitar
Dan Berggren — vocal, guitar, harmonica
Carmen Gilman — vocal, autoharp, spoons
Dick Gilman — vocal, dulcimer, fiddle, jaw harp
Steve Warner — vocal, banjo mandolin


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