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Cover of Bill Smith Live at Caffè Lena

Live at the Caffè Lena
Bill Smith

  1. Intro by Caffè Lena Manager Sarah Craig

  2. Growing up as one of 10 children

  3. I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes*

  4. Growing up in a small house with many kids around

  5. The Wood Box*

  6. Mrs. Corcoran Taught Poetry*

  7. Pree Little Thigs

  8. The Man Who Never Lived

  9. Three Bear-related items

  10. Rosewood Casket*

  11. Squirrel Fishing

  12. Uncle John Stories

  13. Aunt Lillian

  14. The Outhouse*

  15. Closing comments and short poem

  16. Rindercella

*Except as noted, songs and stories © Bill Smith


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