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Back cover of The Great Bear Trio

The Great Bear Trio

Andrew, Noah and Kim VanNorstrand

  1. La Belle Catherine / Reel de #37 (Reels 3:15)
    Andrew: fiddle; Noah: percussion; Kim: piano

  2. The Silver Spire / Dinky’s (Reels 3:14)
    Noah: fiddle; Andrew: bouzouki and bodhran

  3. Snowy Island (A. VanNorstrand) / Fluffy the Turtle (A. VanNorstrand) (Jigs 3:54)
    Andrew: fiddle; Noah: percussion; Kim: piano

  4. Kitchen Gal / Paddy on the Railroad / Tuttle’s (Reels 5:21)
    Andrew: fiddle; Noah: fiddle, djembe, ashiko, bongos and percussion; Kim: piano

  5. Boston’s Double Rainbow (A. VanNorstrand) (Waltz 3:35)
    Andrew: fiddles; Kim: piano

  6. The Silver Spear / Greenwitch (N. VanNorstrand) (Reels 3:22)
    Noah: fiddle; Andrew: mandolin; Kim: piano

  7. Speed the Plow / Ducks on the Pond (Reels 4:42)
    Andrew: fiddle; Noah: fiddle, djembe and percussion; Kim: piano

  8. Weep On / Calliope House (D. Richardson, PRS) (Tune & Jig 4:10)
    Noah: fiddle; Andrew: guitar; Kim: piano

  9. Heather’s Concussion (A. VanNorstrand) (Polka 1:32)
    Andrew: fiddle; Noah: dumbek and tambourine; Kim: piano

  10. Ross’s Reel #4 / Glise de Sherbrooke / Frenchie’s (Reels 3:50)
    Andrew: fiddle; Noah: percussion; Kim: piano

  11. Sackett’s Harbor / Waynesboro (Reels 4:01)
    Andrew: fiddle; Noah: percussion; Kim: piano

  12. Maple Sugar / Joys of Quebec / Snow Deer / Quadrille in G / Quadrille in D (6:48)
    Andrew: fiddle; Noah: fiddle; Kim: piano

  13. Groovy (N. VanNorstrand) (5:34)
    Noah: djembes, bongos, ashiko, tubano and percussion

  14. Humors of Whiskey / The Butterfly (Slip Jigs 4:19)
    Andrew: fiddle; Noah: fiddle; Kim: piano

  15. Jug of Punch / Camel Hump (D. Noveck) / Da Full Rigged Ship (Reels 5:37)
    Andrew: fiddle and guitars; Noah: fiddle, djembe, ashiko and percussion; Kim: piano


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