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Treasures from the Attic (The Cleveland Family) -back cover

Treasures from the Attic
The Cleveland Family

  1. Every Rose Grows Merry in Time (4:16)
    Our family’s version of the “Cambric Shirt.” Gram learned it from her mother. I can hear her telling the Devil “then come to me and I’ll make your darn shirt!”
    Vocals: Colleen Cleveland
    Fiddle: Frank Orsini

  2. Nobleman’s Wedding (6:20)
    One of Gram’s favorite songs to sing, again from her mother’s repertoire. A sad story with a beautiful melody.
    Vocals: Colleen
    Viola: Frank Orsini

  3. Mushadorrinanon (4:09)
    A version of “The Kerry Recruit,” probably from Gram’s father, but both of her parents sang it.
    Vocals: Colleen and James Cleveland

  4. Bury Me Out on the Prairie (3:48)
    Another song from Uncle Ray. Dad said he couldn’t get enough cowboy songs as a young boy.
    Vocals: Jim Cleveland
    Guitar: Curt Cleveland

  5. Woodsman’s Alphabet (3:01)
    The very first song I remember singing, around age four. Gram learned it from her Uncle Bobby, who worked in the North Country logging camps.
    Vocals: Colleen and James Cleveland

  6. Before the Daylight in the Morning (3:12)
    Known in Canada as “Dirty Nell.” Gram’s father often sang it to tease her mother.
    Vocals: Colleen Cleveland

  7. Three Men Went A-Hunting (1:40)
    One of the few short and cheerful songs in the family collection.
    Vocals: Colleen and James Cleveland
    Whistle: George Ward

  8. To Bonnie Scotland (5:41)
    Another tragic ballad with a lovely tune. A version of the broadside ballad “The Paisley Officer.”.
    Vocals: Colleen Cleveland

  9. An Honest Irish Lad (5:54)
    From the days when no Irish need apply. Jerry Creedon, Gram’s father, sang this one.
    Vocals: Colleen Cleveland
    Concertina: George Ward

  10. Come All Ye Maidens (2:51)
    A warning to young women not to trust young men. One of my favorite melodies to sing.
    Vocals: Colleen Cleveland

  11. The Dying Drummer’s Sweetheart (1:55)
    A regional song with lots of local towns, probably 1920’s vintage.
    Vocals: Colleen
    Guitar: Curt; Mandolin: Becky

  12. The Gay Spanish Maid (4:18)
    A narrative ballad of un-requited love. Dad liked it.
    Vocals: Jim Cleveland

  13. The Boy Who Lived Here (4:06)
    Gram wrote the music and lyrics to this, inspired by two sons in the Marines during W.W.II, and a nephew lost in Vietnam. The guitar was Curt’s idea.
    Vocals and Guitar: Curt Cleveland


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