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New York City: Global Beat of the Boroughs back cover

New York City: Global Beat of the Boroughs


  1. FIESTA DE PLENA — Puerto Rican plena jazz by Viento de Agua

  2. CAMPO — Puerto Rican traditional bomba by Los Pleneros de la 21

  3. LOS VECINOS OYEN — Dominican bachata rock song by Luis Dias

  4. CAÑA BRAVA — Dominican merengue típico by José Quezada y los Cinco Diablos

  5. KANGË MAJEKRAHI — Albanian rural folk song by Besim Muriqi

  6. SHOTA — Albanian dance song from Kosova by Besim Muriqi

  7. DOLI GOCA N’PENXHERE — Albanian urban folk song by Merita Halili with the Raif Hyseni Orchestra

  8. XING JIE — Traditional Cantonese wedding processional music by Music from China

  9. NACHAY NANDALALA — Indo-Caribbean chauti-style tan sangeet song by Sampat Dino Boodram

  10. SANJO KAYAGEUM — Korean classical composition by the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Association

  11. FAKOLI — Traditional Bambara jaliya song by Abdoulaye Diabate and Super Manden

  12. YESA — Afro-Cuban Santeria ritual song by Orlando "Puntilla" Rios y Nueva Generación

  13. OQUENDO Y LIBRE — Puerto Rican salsa by Manny Oquendo y Libre

  14. MY TIME (excerpt) — Trinidadian calypso by the CASYM Steel Orchestra directed by Arddin Herbert

  15. EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT — African-American gospel by Reverend Timothy Wright and the Grace Tabernacle Choir

  1. COCEK MANHATTAN — Bulgarian-Gypsy wedding music by the Yuri Yunakov Ensemble

  2. MILINO KOLO — Banat Romanian-Gypsy medley performed by the Sau Family Orchestra

  3. CROWLEY’S/JACKSON’S — Medley of Irish fiddle tunes with jazz-rock fusion by Eileen Ivers

  4. THE GALLOPING HOUND/MCGREAVY’S/CAT’S MEOW/FRAHER’S — Medley of Irish fiddle tunes by Cherish the Ladies

  5. MIROLOI (excerpt) — Traditional Epirot-Greek song by the Halkias Family Orchestra

  6. KOKKINO GRAMMA — Greek modern rebetika song by Grigoris Maninakis and Mikrokosmos

  7. A FREYLEKHN PURIM — Hasidic Jewish holiday dance melody by Andy Statman

  8. KHSIDIM TANZ — Klezmer dance music by The Klezmatics

  9. RARA PROCESSIONAL (excerpt) — Haitian Rara processional and KONGO (excerpt) — Vodou jazz by Frisner Augustin and La Troupe Makandal

  10. SA LI FE POU MWEN (excerpt) —Haitian gospel performed by Dickson Guillaume & the New York State Haitian Interdenominational Mass Choir

  11. CHARANGA COMPLETA — Colombian vallenato by Los Macondos

  12. OLIVE HARVEST — Contemporary Arab composition by Simon Shaheen and Qantara

  13. SEGAH SUITE (CHROUKY, ABOU ZELOF, MUWASHSHAH) — Traditional Lebanese songs by Naji Youssef and members of the Near Eastern Music Ensemble

  14. IMPROVISATION ON MUGAM CHARGAH AND "GUBAYENIM" — Mountain Jewish music by Ensemble Tereza

  15. HAIDA-HAIDA — Medley of Ukranian dance tunes by Cheres

  16. O GIGLIO E PARADISO — Italian Neapolitan feast song by the Phil Valli Orchestra with Salvatore "Tuddy" Ferrara


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