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Fiddle Tunes of the North Country back cover

Fiddle Tunes of the North Country
John Kirk with Trish Miller, Ed Lowman, Sara Milonovich, Cedar Stanistreet, Mac Benford, Connie Hume, Mark Murphy, and Frank Orsini

  1. Grey Eagle — John & Frank fiddles; Trish, guitar; Mac, banjo; Ed, bass

  2. Lovely Jean — John & Frank fiddles; Connie, flute; Trish, guitar; Ed, bass

  3. Lake Erie/Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies — John & Frank, fiddles; Trish, guitar; Ed, bass

  4. Grandfather’s Clock — Henry C. Work — Mac, banjo; John, guitar; Mark, bass

  5. Irish Breakdown — Cedar & Sara, fiddles; John, mandolin; Trish, guitar; Mac, banjo; Mark, bass (thanks to Dan Berggren for inspiring Cedar to teach this to us)

  6. Saratoga Hornpipe — Frank, fiddle; John, mandolin; Ed, guitar; Mac, banjo; Mark, bass (Frank taught us this, a good old Saratoga tune)

  7. A Curious Duet — Maestrino — Sara, fiddle; John, mandolin; the violin starts at one end of the music and the mandolin begins from the opposite end; then the whole piece is reversed and played through again

  8. Clara Polka — John, mandolin, fiddle; Trish, guitar; Ed, bass

  9. Julia’s Favorite — John, mandolin; Trish, guitar; Ed, bass

  10. Miller’s Reel/Opera Reel — Sara, fiddle; John, mandolin, piano; Trish, guitar; Mark, bass (for Len and Marjorie)

  11. Old Rosin the Bow — W. C. Peters — Sara, fiddle; John, guitar

  12. Chicken Reel — Ed, fiddle; John, guitar, banjo; Trish, feet

  13. Puzzle Waltz — Cedar, fiddle; John, mando; Trish, guitar; Mark, cello

  14. Money Musk/Wind that Shakes the Barley — John, Sara & Cedar, fiddles; Trish, guitar; Mac, banjo; Mark, bass

  15. Old Dog Tray — Stephen Foster — John, fiddle, piano; Sara, fiddle; Trish, guitar (Mac gave this to Marie Burns who got John to play for "Good Dog", Marie’s CD.)

  16. Tune the Old Cow Died On — John, Sara & Cedar; fiddles; Trish, guitar, feet; Mac, banjo; Ed, bass (let’s hear it for the herd)


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