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Emina Ogresevic’s Autobiographical Statement

My name is Emina Ogresevic. I was born in a small town in Velika Kladusa of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In beginning of 1991 war started. We had very hard time finding food for us because stores were empty. We were surrender for four years, we could not get any food or anything else for a normal life. I had from my young age of skills for craft, designing and sewing different kind of clothing, like shirts, dresses, skirts, etc. My favorite was making women’s bags and sets for babies up to ten years old. In 1995 we had left our town because we were scared for our lives. Me, my husband and my ten year old daughter moved to Croatia and stayed there until we got all our paperwork to get to USA.

We came to USA in March, 1998. My first years in USA I had a hard time to get a job because I did not speak English. I worked in a few factories.

Finally, in 2004 I had a big challenge for myself. At this time I was pregnant with my daughter Jaylana. I started working for USA Sewing Inc. I was first an employee and started hiring and training people for sewing combat gloves. I was making new samples of gloves too for bidding for a new contract. When I left this company I had 90 employees. The company was shut down in 2011 because of lack of work.

After about two years I was looking for a new job. I started working on my bags, purses and other little accessories. My dream is making my own business. So I started working on it.

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