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Join NYFS and become a part of a community that will deepen your involvement with folklore, folklife, the traditional arts, and contemporary culture.




Become a part of a community that explores and nurtures the traditional cultures of New York State and beyond. Membership in the New York Folklore Society entitles you the following benefits:
  • A subscription to Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore (2 issues)

  • Discounts on NYFS Publications

  • Opportunities to meet with others who share your interests

  • Plus the satisfaction of knowing that you support the only organization devoted to folklore across New York State.



Join NYFS! Become part of a community that will deepen your involvement with folklore, folklife, the traditional arts, and contemporary culture. As a member, you’ll have early notice of key events:
Annual Conference. People meet in a different part of the state each year for the NYFS Annual Conference. Professionals in folklore and related fields join with educators, graduate students, and practitioners to explore the culture and traditions of the area. Lectures and discussions are balanced with concerts, dancing, and tours of cultural sites.

Issues-based Gatherings. Folk arts professionals, colleagues in related disciplines, and lay people come together each year to address a topic of special interest—whether it be folklore and the Internet, heritage tourism, cultural conservation, or intellectual property law.
Help When You Need It. Become a member and learn about technical assistance programs that will get you the help you need in your work:
NYSCA Mentoring and Professional Development for the Traditional Arts – A Partnership with the New York Folklore Society. Receive technical assistance from a mentor of your choosing. You can study with a master traditional artist, learn new strategies for marketing, master concert and exhibition production, organize an archive, or improve your organizational management.

Folk Artists Self-Management Project. If you’re a traditional artist, you know the importance of business, management, and marketing skills to your success in the marketplace. NYFS can help you with workshops, mentoring, and publications.

Folk Archives Project. What could be more critical than finding a repository for an important collection? The NYFS is a leader in the preservation of our cultural heritage. Attend our workshops and order copies of NYFS books at a discount.

Consulting and Referral. The NYFS offers informal counseling and referral services to the members in the field. Contact us by telephone, e-mail, or letter.

Publications. Members receive discounts on all NYFS publications. Visit our online catalog for current titles.
A Public Voice. The NYFS raises awareness of folklore among the general public through these important channels:
Print. Voices: The Journal of the New York Folklore published twice a year, brings you folklore in the words and images of its creators and practitioners.

Internet. The New York Folklore Society web site brings you the latest news on events in folklore. Updated weekly, it is designed to appeal to the public as well as keep specialists informed.

Advocacy. The New York Folklore Society is your advocate for sympathetic and informed attention to folk arts:
We represent you on issues before the state legislature and the federal government when public policy affects the field. Visit our advocacy pages to learn what we’re doing and how you can help.

The society partners with statewide, regional, and national organizations and frequently presents its projects and issues at meetings of professional organizations in the allied fields of archives, history, and libraries.





TO JOIN, print and mail completed form with your check (in US funds, please, with $20 additional for postage for foreign memberships), made payable to “New York Folklore Society”) or credit card information to:

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